Every producer or artist has songs that have never seen the light of day. They never got released or even heard by anyone. Because of this I'd like to share my creations. Most of these are from the beginning days of producing my own music and discovering my own sound.


Mind you that all my productions are solo made, the writing, recording instruments, mixing and mastering was done by myself. In most cases the concept/song just did not have that hook or vibe I was looking for and got dumped in the endless cave of oblivious music. Still, I hope you'll enjoy this raw content!

4 Miles Left

"4 Miles Left" is downtempo deephouse track with a story. "It's scorching hot, you've been walking for hours. You want to give up but you've already come this far. this is it.. 4 miles left"

Shimmering Water

"Shimmering Water" is a lounge chillout track that reflects the feeling when floating on the shimmering water. The ping pong effect in the song represents water drops. Originally this track would be released on the "Memories" debut album but got canceled.

Close Your Eyes (lounge edit)

Close Your Eyes (lounge edition) was a small success in 2010, while the original version of the song never even was made! 8 years later I finally released the "original". Fun fact: When you listen close, you can hear a bright tick in the beginning of the "Close your eyes" sample. This is called clipping, I found it unique, so I left it in the song.


I actually made this song in 2009 after working a nightshift. I was tired but also wanted to create this tune I had stuck in my head. So I did and this was the result. In weariness I named it nightshift and never changed it.


After my trip to Agadir (Marocco), which was a whole story on itself, I wrote this song which was a reflection of the atmosphere I felt.  Especially the contrast between rich and poor really got to me.

Chasing Tale

Chasing Tale is a good old trippy experience with a story, a tale from 2010. I always could see the chasing sequence for the videoclip. But this unmastered song was never released.