The debut album by eVen eQual. "Memories" released on November 29th, 2020 and is available on all major platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon music, and more.


This album is a collection of previously unreleased tracks and will take you on a journey where you can immerse yourself in a fusion of genres that mix into a progressive cinematic chillout sound.

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Whatever You Want

The intro to the debut album "Memories". 
"Whatever You Want" is a chillout/lounge track focused on Rhodes and drums.


Genre: Triphop, Chillout, Lounge


Playtime: 9:09 min

Creation Date: 9 Sept 2019


The second track on the debut album "Memories".
"Innocuous" means 'not harmful or offensive' and is a lounge chillout track with diverse experimental instruments.

Genre: Triphop, Chillout, lounge


Playtime: 6:03 min

Creation Date: 12 June 2016


The third track on the debut album "Memories". "Stranger" is a cinematic song inspired by the amazing song: "Lullaby" by Low. The guitar sound is what inspired the creation of the song's name.


Genre: Triphop, Cinematic, Chillout


Playtime: 6:36 min

Creation Date: 6 April 2016


The fourth track on the debut album "Memories".
An "Onosecond" is defined as the second after you realize you have done something that is embarrassing or bad. The intro of the song contains recordings made over the last 15 years featuring family members and more. The track itself is a lounge/chillout track featuring Rhodes.


Genre: Triphop, Lounge, Chillout


Playtime: 4:44 min

Creation Date: 12 Sept 2020


The fifth track on the debut album "Memories".
"Memories" is a downtempo vocal dance track about memories and how they might be experienced in the future. Maybe this is the sign to review your current activities so that you can look back later with a satisfied feeling.


Genre: Triphop, Dance, Deep House


Playtime: 3:39 min

Creation Date: 11 Aug 2018

The Sun Sees No Shadow

The sixth track on the debut album "Memories".
"The Sun Sees No Shadow" is an ambient track mixed with a tight beat featuring the great philosopher Alan Watts. The snappiness of the beat is inspired by the sound of Michael Jackson.


Genre: Triphop, Ambient, Chillout


Playtime: 6:16

Creation Date: 25 April 2017



The seventh track on the debut album "Memories".
"Omniverse" is inspired by film music with an emphasis on Hans Zimmer. This piece is being played at the Omniversum (The Hague, Netherlands)  which brings you into the atmosphere of their shows.

The drums are floaty and the bass thunders through your chest. The alto chanting vocals sung by Francesca Genco really bring out the emotion. She is also known for movie OSTs like Elysium and Blackhat.


Genre: Cinematic, Ambient, Chillout


Playtime: 6:09 min

Creation Date: 25 Feb 2014

Infinite Space

The eighth track on the debut album "Memories".
Let's take a journey through the first landing on the Moon and feel the vibrations of infinite space. Featuring actual NASA audio recordings of the Apollo 11 moon landing.


Genre: Triphop, ambient, cinematic, chillout



Creation Date: 16 Dec 2014


The ninth track on the debut album "Memories".
We all know the nostalgic feeling when you see, smell, or hear something that reminds you of the past. This number represents that feeling. How meta would it be if you listened to this song 10 years from now and feel the nostalgia flowing?


Genre: Triphop, Deep house, Dance, Chillout


Playtime: 9:55 min

Creation Date: 20 June 2017

Brace for Impact

The tenth and final track on the debut album "Memories". "Brace for Impact" is actually an OST for the game "Mental Mayhem" currently in development by Grae Games. It's a progressive and ominous EDM / Trance track.


Genre: Triphop, EDM, Trance


Playtime: 15:15 min

Creation Date: 10 Aug 2020

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